The Famous Teddy Z and Murphy Brown

The Famous Teddy Z (1989-1990)
Murphy Brown (1988-1998)
Type: Crossover
Group: 2

    The Famous Teddy Z? What? You don't remember it? It was a favorite of the critics! It starred movie star John Cryer! It had The Godfather's Alex Rocco in it! It was canned after one season 'cause nobody tuned in!

    The Famous Teddy Z was a show about of Teddy Zakalokis who worked in the mailroom of a big talent agency and lucked into becoming an agent himself. It didn't do well though. Some thought the shows humor was "too inside" for people outside of Hollywood to get. Other critics said that the shows dual focus on Teddy's home and work life spread things too thin, giving neither his family or coworkers enough screen time. Regardless, its dead now. Everyone did agree though that Alex Rocco's sleazy agent character of Al Floss was brilliant.

    But the networks did their darndest to make this show a success. To throw some attention on it they even did a crossover with their big hit Murphy Brown. As it turned out Teddy Z's Al Floss was the agent for Murphy Brown's Corky Sherwood. Al appeared on Murphy Brown trying to help his client and causing all sorts of trouble. It was a very good episode. Good enough that even after Teddy Z was long cancelled, Al Floss was brought back again for another appearance.

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