Something So Right and Spin City

Something So Right (1996-1998)
Spin City (1996-2002)
Type: Crossover
Group: 24

   So lets say your ABC. You've picked up a sitcom to air on your network that NBC cancelled the year because you know it's got potential if people would just give it a chance. But now it's late in the season and less people than hoped are tuning in. Whaddya do? Well before you throw in the towel you try and get viewers one of your biggest hits to give the show a try by doing a crossover.

   Something So Right was another Brady-esque (uhough slightly more realistic) sitcom about two divorced people with kids who get married and have to find some way to blend their two families into one. Jack Farrell was the husband/father who worked as an English teacher. Carly Davis was the wife/mother who was a professional party planner, a career much overlooked on TV up until this show. Unlike on the Brady's the kids weren't quite so easily brought together. And Mike and Carol didn't have ex-husbands and ex-wives in the mix. Starting on NBC in 1996 it didn't do so hot and moved to ABC the next year.

   Spin City also premiered in 1996 but from the start was on ABC and did much better in the ratings. Of course it had tons of attention and buzz from the start since in marked star Michael J. Fox's return to series television. Fox had become famous partly as a result of the classic sitcom Family Ties playing money obsessed Alex P. Keaton. Spin City had Mike playing career obsessed Michael Flaherty, the Deputy Mayor of New York City. Michael J. Fox brought people to the show then sharp writing and a solid ensemble cast made them stay.

   So cut to the 1997-1998 season with both shows on same network and, like I said, ABC looking to use Spin City to help draw viewers to Something So Right. It just so happened that a crossover would be easy and make perfect sense since both shows were set in New York City. And Carly's career made for a perfect excuse to hook the shows up. Seems the mayor was going to be throwing a party that would need catering. Carly landed the gig. Unfortunately for her the mayor's point person for the party was his press secretary Paul Lassiter. Paul was a well meaning, nice, nervous and fidgety goof. Not who you want "helping". And to make matter worse, in a very un-Brady plot twist, Carly's has to help her daughter Sarah deal with the fact that she's started menst... she started... you know... with the women's stuff. You know. She started running in a frilly dress down the beach, talking to mom about that "not so fresh" feeling. It was a very special episode of Something So Right okay? Don't make me say it. I'm not sure if that was the right plot for a crossover where you are trying to nab viewers though. Yipes! I guess it didn't work because a couple of months later the show was Something So Cancelled. And that was the dumbest and easiest final joke ever. I apologize.

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