Mork And Mindy and Out Of The Blue

Mork And Mindy (1978-1982)
Out Of The Blue (1979)
Type: Crossover
Group 4

    Hot off of the spin off success of Mork And Mindy, the producer's of Happy Days attempted another far flung spin off of the show. This time instead of an alien the show would focus on an angel.

    Set in current times, as opposed to Happy Day's 50's/60's setting, Out Of The Blue was based on a character that appeared on one episode of Happy Days and told the story of an angel named Random coming to Earth to help out a woman trying to raise her five orphaned nieces and nephews. Random, pretending to be human, rented a room from the family. While Aunt Marion was unaware of who Random was, the kids all knew and ala Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie, Random would use his angelic abilities to set things right.

    In the first episode Mork of Mork And Mindy made an appearance in an attempt to lure in some viewers. Out Of The Blue had a Sunday 7pm timeslot aimed at kids and at this point in time Mork And Mindy was HUGE with kids. Get this for an idea: Mork stopped by to visit Random because they are old friends. It turns out Morks home planet Ork and Heaven are right next door to each other and Random has known Mork since he was just a little angel. Who working on this show was smoking what and in what sorts of amounts? So when Orkans die they just sort of go next door? Kind of convenient that. What did dead Uncle Klaato do with the family papers? Well go next door and ask. Or heck, couldn't Uncle Klaato just come back on home?

    Oh well, not like it mattered. The show itself went to Heaven (or maybe the other place) after just four months.

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