Mad About You and Seinfeld

Mad About You (1992-1999)
Seinfeld (1990-1998)
Type: Crossover
Group 2

    When Mad About You first went on the air, NBC paired it up as a companion piece to follow the already popular Seinfeld. They were both based on the acts of their stars' standup comedy acts and both were about life in New York. While Seinfeld was about a group of single friends, Mad About You focused on newlyweds.

    Being on right after each other and with both shows set in the same city, some sort of crossover was maybe inevitable. It happened on Mad About You. Even though Paul and Jamie Buchman were married and living together, it turned out Paul still had the lease on his old apartment just in case things didn't work out. Jamie was furious. Paul told her he had sublet the apartment to someone else and that it was no big deal. Jamie wasn't buying it. So Paul decided to give up the lease. He went over to give the lease to the apartment's current resident who turned out to be Jerry Seinfeld's crazy neighbor Kramer (played by Michael Richards)! Paul used to have Kramer's apartment. In the end Paul asks Kramer whatever happened to that Jerry guy across the hall who was trying to make it as a comedian?

    This was a full blown crossover. It was promoted in ads, Michael Richards was playing Kramer not someone like Kramer, they mentioned Jerry... Or was it a real crossover? Later on in the run of Seinfeld, long after it no longer ran side by side with Mad About You, there was a plot where Jerry's friend George hated the show Mad About You and his girlfriend was always making him watch it. How can this be? Simple. Its just a damn TV show, they can do what they want and I need to not take crossovers so seriously. But for my money the shows are part of the same universe. So there.

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