The Love Boat and Martin

The Love Boat (1977-1986)
Martin (1992-1997)
Type: Crossover
Group: 6

   You have got to love Martin Lawrence. No, really. You literally HAVE to. A Bill is pending in the National Legislature that would make it a federal crime not to. All those not loving Martin Lawrence will be shot. Our only chance is if it can be proved that forcing people to view Big Momma's House 14 times in a row is cruel and unusual punishment (I refuse to believe Martin's biggest fan could do 14 viewings straight).

   And what's wrong with loving Martin. Ahhh, love. Exciting and new. Come aboard we're... getting ahead of ourselves.

   Standup comic Martin Lawrence joined the ranks of other comics who turned their act into a sitcom. Unlike most, his worked! On his show, also called Martin, Martin played Martin Payne, a cool and smart mouthed radio personality. Of course he also played about a billion other roles too including Martin's mother and his ugly and obnoxious female neighbor Sheneneh.

   The thing that kept Martin from just being a big egoed loud mouth who couldn't admit he was ever wrong was his girlfriend Gina. He might fight with her but basically his love for her was his weak spot and the thing that more often than not would end up showing his gentler side. If an audience can see once in awhile that deep down, under all the big talk and BS that a character is really a good guy, they'll let him get away with murder. Having Martin love Gina like that was a nice and subtle move for the show.

   And in keeping with the theme of love, what could be more romantic than taking the woman you love on a pleasure cruise? So in the show's fifth season, Martin made plans to take Gina on a cruise. Only since these things can never go off without a hitch in sitcoms, Gina ends up missing the boat and Martin ends up stuck on the ship without her. But he isn't alone! Gina's friend Pam is with him... who he hates. Oh and there's a fan of his on board too... well, not so much a fan but more of a crazy stalker really.

   But wait! There is even one more sitcom complication and this one is actually one that wouldn't make Martin want to kill himself. The cruise ship Martin is on? The Love Boat! Well, given the title of this page, I'm guessing that's hardly a shocker.

   Yep, the boat's crew included characters from the huge 70's hit The Love Boat, where week after week celebrity guest stars would show up playing folks cruising for love. Within each week's hour long episode there'd be about three stories of love and romance and motion sickness. Years before Martin hit the air, The Love Boat hit series dry dock. But that's no reason not to take it out for a crossover cruise every once in awhile.

   Martin got to meet up with your ship's bartender Isaac Washington, your cruise director Julie McCoy, your ship's doctor Adam Bricker and your...ummm, well... your captain's daughter Vicki Stubing. Sorry, your ship's purser Gopher is off busy in Congress working on that Martin Lawrence Love Law. The question is... is he fighting to defeat that law or to get it passed. But say it did pass. What's the worst that could happen? Oh wait that would be watching that last question 14 times in a row (But I like his sitcom - really!).

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