Living Dolls and Who's The Boss

Living Dolls (1989)
Who's The Boss (1984-1992)
Type: Spin Off
Group 3

   Ay oh, oh ay, this here Who's The Boss show was Tony Danza's successful follow up sitcom to the classic TV show Taxi. In it he played Tony Micelli, a former pro baseball player from New York who took a job as a housekeeper for Angela Bower and her family in Connecticut to give his daughter the chance to live in a better area and go to a better school. Angela was a divorced career woman with a young son and wild mother. As the show went on, the central running premise was Tony and Angela's slow building love for each other, a plot that was actually never entirely resolved. Rather they tried to stretch the "Will they end up married?" to the breaking point and beyond to where nobody really cared anymore.

   The show tried on a couple of occasions to get a spin off series going. In one episode Angela's mom, Mona, ended up with an interest in a hotel. She ended up going off to the hotel and the audience was treated to a story about Mona, the hotel and its staff that, aside from Mona, was unrecognizable as a Who's The Boss story. It screamed out "failed pilot attempt"!!!

   There was another episode that did fly as a pilot though. In it, an associate of Angela's named Trish Carlin and played by Michael Learned showed up. She ran a modeling agency and ended up almost signing Tony's daughter Samantha as a model. It gave Sam a chance to go meet all the other young models and fully set up the premise for a new show set around that agency. In the end, of course, Sam did not end up moving off to be a model but rather stayed where she was. Shortly thereafter the sitcom about those models called Living Dolls hit the air. It featured occasional visits from the cast of Who's The Boss to try and help boost interest in the show but it just didn't catch on and was cancelled after only a couple of months.

   Also of interest is that one of the young models was played by an up and coming black actress by the name of Halle Berry. You know, the first black actress to win the Best Actress Oscar? Yeah. Her. Gotta start somewhere.

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