Las Vegas and The Office

Las Vegas (2003-2008)
The Office (2005-    )
Type: Minor Mention
Group: 10

   Oh, the pointless dying continues! Seriously, this teeny weenie crossover comes with a body count.

   Pretty simple one. The Office is the American version of a hit Brit sitcom. The U.S. version of The Office is a fake documentary that follows the lives of people working at the Pennsylvania office of the Dunder-Mifflin paper company. It's a semi-improvised comedy built to look like it is focusing on real, regular people.

   Las Vegas is a breezy drama about the goings on at the Montecito Hotel and Casino. For the purposes of this page that is pretty much all you need to know. In the Las Vegas episode The Story Of Owe, a Montecito employee runs up to a fellow employee telling him she needs more security because the Dunder-Mifflin convention wants to rent another ballroom. Boom, the shows are connected.

   So what's with this pointless death stuff? Well, on a previous episode of Las Vegas, they had Jean-Claude Van Damme appear as himself and they killed him off. So in the world of Las Vegas, Van Damme is Van dead. Every time a show connects into the Las Vegas reality, Van Damme essentially dies again. Until this minor minor crossover, Van Dammecould be assumed to be alive and well in the world of The Office. Now he's dead to them. As Las Vegas slowly worms its way into contact with bigger groups of connected shows, the Van Damme death will spread like a virus. As I type this, Van Damme is dead on the following shows: Las Vegas, Crossing Jordan, Medium, Heroes and The Office (U.S.). This could soon spread further. There is talk of a potential crossover between The Office (U.S.) and The Office (U.K.). That would spread the Van Damme epidemic internationally. Then there is an episode of Lost which references the U.K. The Office. Not sure it is enough to count as a full connection to Lost or not but if I do decide to count it, Van Damme is lost on Lost as well. And Lost connects to Alias. Dead again. Seriously, it's like the monkey in Outbreak. Will this Van Damme plague never end?!?!?

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