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   Okay, I thought I was going to be able to largely ignore the 2008 Knight Rider TV movie. I mean, unless it was picked up as a series, no big deal, really. But then they go and just have to go and complicate things. Suddenly the Knight Rider TV films goes from being something that doesn't matter to being something that screws with the fabric of TV reality. Did I already say DAHHHH?

   Okay, I've calmed down. Let me explain. Around 2008 work started on two competing Knight Rider projects based on the 80s action show about a man and his super intelligent talking car. One was a TV movie that could serve as a TV pilot and the other was a potential theatrical film. The TV movie made it to the finish line first. Probably bad news for the guys trying to make the big screen version. I'm guessing the writers strike going on spurred the TV project on. NBC was looking to complete any projects they actually had scripts for. Got that Knight Rider script? Film it now! Next thing you know we got a new talking car "epic". And somehow the voice of KITT the talking car became... Val Kilmer? Go figure.

   Part of the plot for the movie had the Knight Rider team hitting Vegas. In particular the action centered on the fictional Montecito Casino and Hotel. This is where things go weird. You see, in 2008 NBC had another show on called Las Vegas which told the stories of the staff of the Montecito. As a result any time characters on any NBC TV show would go to Vegas, they always seemed to end up at the Montecito. It started out with some full on crossovers with Crossing Jordan but then soon the Montecito just kept popping up on all sorts of shows without there being any full on event going on. No characters from one show meeting characters from Las Vegas, just the hotel. At first I thought it might be some sly way to promote the Las Vegas series. But it just kept happening so often that, at this point, I think NBC just wanted to get its money's worth out of those huge casino sets. Regardless of why they did it, the Montecito has now become this huge hub connecting the realities of a ton of shows. Now included among those shows, all the Knight Rider TV shows and movies.

   So Knight Rider links into Las Vegas, why is that so bad? Well first, lets start slow. There is one thing that needs mentioning with any Las Vegas crossover. Action star Jean-Claude Van Damme did a guest spot on Las Vegas playing himself. In a shocking turn of events, they killed him off! So in the world of Las Vegas Van Damme is Van Dead. That means any time a new show links to Las Vegas, like a virus, Jean-Claude Van Damme ends up dead in that show's continuity as well plus in the continuities of any shows connecting to THAT show. It's just horrible. So this crossover means Van Damme is dead in the world on Knight Rider. But here's some irony. In the Knight Rider spin off Team Knight Rider, the original driver of KITT, Michael Knight, was believed to be dead. This new film featured David Hasselhoff returning as Michael Knight. So it's sort of a trade off: Van Damme dies but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Hasselhoff lives again. It also makes the movie a crossover of Las vegas AND the new and old Knight Rider shows.

   Still haven't gotten to the real wrongness though. Las Vegas links to Knight Rider. Fine. Well, Knight Rider links up with the aforementioned Team Knight Rider. Here is where things go horribly wrong. Team Knight Rider has a crossover connection to the Star Trek Universe! That's right. Because of this weird Knight Rider movie and because NBC is hell bent on getting their money's worth out of those Montecito sets... Jean-Claude Van Damme is DEAD in the Star Trek universe! Nooooo!!!! KHAAAAAN!!!! (Or should that be HASSELHOFF!!!!!) In the words on Andy Warhol (sort of) in the future every Jean-Claude Van Damme will be dead for 15 minutes.

   Seriously though, this makes things very weird. Because of a Knight Rider TV movie, all of Star Trek now coexists in the same world with some really unexpected shows. It was weird enough when it was linked up with Knight Rider for God's sake but now... Well, who would ever have thought that classic Trek existed in the same world as Bewitched? Well it does now. Bewitched, Medium, Knight Rider, Star Trek and Heroes are all now part of the same world. Extra weird because I know the folks on Heroes are huge Trek fans and, right now, I'm sure THEY aren't aware that their show is now part of the Tre universe. Right now I am living for the possibility of someone pointing Heroes honcho Tim Kring to this page and him going, "Get the &#^# out of here! Really?!?!"

   But seriously, for the sake of Jean-Claude Van Dammes everywhere, people, crossover with Las Vegas carefully. There are some big shared realities out there. One wrong crossover that links Las Vegas to one of those huge groupings and Van Damme could be dead on, like 50 shows instantaneously.

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