Ink and Love And War

Ink (1996-1997)
Love And War (1992-1995)
Type: Crossover
Group 2

    Ted Danson followed up his huge success on Cheers, unfortunately, with a much less successful sitcom over on CBS. Lord knows they stacked the cards in favor of it being a hit. Ted's costar was his real life wife Mary Steenburgen. It had the creative power of Diane English the creator of Murphy Brown. It had a cush spot on CBS's Monday night lineup which was always a comedy powerhouse. But it just didn't quite fly.

   Ted Danson played a reporter for a New York newspaper. Mary Steenburgen was his boss and former wife. Needless to say this lead to friction and the potential for their relationship to blossom anew.

   Another recurring character on the show was Ted's reporter friend Jack Stein played by Jay Thomas. Stein had previously been the lead character on the Diane English sitcom Love And War. I can only assume Jay Thomas was well liked by English and that she must have felt the loss of his character on Love And War was a waste. So they pulled him out of the trash, hosed him off and dropped him in the Ink... which unfortuantely very quickly went into the trash itself. English seemed to like the idea of all her shows being part of the same reality. She previously crossed over Love And War with her hit show Murphy Brown. She also brought Murphy Brown herself onto Ink for a guest spot in an episode where Ted Danson's character and Murphy were romantically linked at the same time Mary Steenburgen found herself involved with Jack Stein. Jay Thomas had also appeared on Murphy Brown in the totally different role of talk radio host Jerry Gold. So... if Murphy Brown saw Jake Stein... would she think he was Jerry Gold? The mind boggles! Well, it nearly boggles.

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