Here's Lucy and Mannix

Here's Lucy(1962-1974)
Mannix (1967-1975)
Type: Crossover
Group 18

   And in the "What were they smoking" department...

   No really, this makes perfect sense. A show about a single mom who gets herself into one wacky situation after another has a crossover with a show about a detective who solves every case by beating the crap out of everyone. It's a match made in heaven.

   Actually, the truth is. it was Lucille Ball and just a bit of fun. Come on, every celeb loved to goof around with Lucy on whatever her current show was. Only in this case Mike Connors did it playing his TV character instead of playing himself.

   Okay, Here's Lucy had Lucille Ball playing. oh hell. If you don't know essentially who Lucille Ball played in every sitcom she was ever in you have apparently never watched TV ever in your entire life. It's premise was basically what I said in the second sentence of this article. Lucy played Lucy Carter, a single L.A. mom with a knack for getting into trouble. Mannix by contrast was a show about hard boiled P.I. Joe Mannix. Mannix the man was a tough guy and for its time Mannix the show was a pretty violent show. Joe wasn't afraid to kick some arse to solve a case.

   So in the Here's Lucy episode "Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage". well hell that about sums it up. Damn "give it all away" titles! Actually the story started with Lucy accidentally seeing robbers counting their loot through a set of binoculars (Who gave Lucy binoculars? Hello? Didn't anybody realize this was a bad idea?). When it seems that this might likely place Lucy's life in Jeopardy, her brother-in-law Harry hires P.I. Mannix to help protect her. Of course in the tradition of poor communication equals sitcom hilarity, Lucy is not fully aware of who Mannix is when he shows up. Tough guy Mannix finds himself, ironically, clobbered by poor "defenseless" Lucy. At that point, of course, the real baddies show up and, well, we arrive at the title: Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage". After that the robbers throw Lucy and Mannix in a sealed trunk which they drop into the ocean killing them both and ending both shows.

   Yeah, right. Come on! Its Lucy! My question is for the crooks: you kidnapped Lucy!?!?!? Have you never watched a Lucy episode? You are not only asking to be caught but also for a world of trouble and annoyance so intense before that that you will be begging to be caught before the end. Fools.

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