Green Acres and Hogan's Heroes

Green Acres (1965-1971)
Hogan's Heroes (1965-1971)
Type: Minor Mention
Group: DC TV Multiverse: Earth 66

   No, I am not high. This happened. Really.

   But how? Green Acres was a show about a New York businessman in the 60s who dragged his high class wife away from the city and out into the boonies to live the life of farmers in the surreal little town of Hooterville. Hogan's Heroes was about a group of World War II prisoners of war secretly operating as Allied agents from within a German POW camp - Stalag 13 - run by the bumbling Colonel Klink. Colonel Hogan was their leader and thus explaining the title. How could two shows with such different settings and time frames possibly connect? That would require elaborate and probably epic plot to pull off, right?

   Yeah, um... no.

   Well I suppose it could be considered epic by sitcom standards. In the Green Acres episode "Wings Over Hooterville" it is explained how former businessman Oliver Wendell Douglas managed to meet his wife Lisa, a Hungarian beauty. Well as it turns out, Oliver was a fighter pilot in World War II. Forced to bail out of his plane over Hungary Oliver was captured by one of the leaders of the Hungarian Underground... Lisa. And they lived happily ever after.

   "Hold up! Okay, we have the right time period but the wrong country and... did I miss something?"

   Yes. Before leaving on his mission Oliver is advised by his superiors that should he be taken prisoner by the Germans and locked up in Stalag 13 he should make contact with Colonel Hogan. So even though we never got to see Hogan and company, their being part of the same world as Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction was firmly established.

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