Friends and Hope And Gloria

Friends (1994-2004 )
Hope And Gloria (1995-1996)
Type: Crossover
Group 2

    Okay, NBC had by this point gone crazy with the following concept. "Gee, we have two shows with something in common on the same night. Lets do a crossover!" First it was Mad About You and Seinfeld, then Mad About You and Friends and now it had reached Friends and Hope And Gloria.

    Friends was a show about just that: a group of friends. Three guys and three girls who all lived in New York and hung out together, often at a coffee house called Central Perk where one of the friends, Rachel, worked and another, Phoebe, would perform with her guitar.

    Hope And Gloria was a show about two women, Hope and Gloria (Hello! Duh!) who were friends living in Pittsburgh. Hope was a happy peppy ball of energy who was newly divorced. Her husband had turned out to be a cheating bum. Only Hope was so naive she could hardly believe it. She worked behind the scenes on a local morning talk show. Gloria was a streetwise hairdresser. She was divorced too but she knew her ex for the scum he was.

    The crossover episode found Hopa and Gloria on a trip to New York. While traveling around, seeing the sights, where should the girls stop for coffee but, hey, Central Perk! That's pretty much it. Show didn't last long so I guess the crossover didn't help. If you want to see this crossover I'd recommend you keep checking The Lifetime Cable Channel's schedule. It shows up there occasionally. Lifetime whose motto is "If it starred women and lasted past the pilot, we'll air it!

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