Emergency and Sierra

Emergency (1972-1977)
Sierra (1974)
Type: Crossover
Group: 11

   In my page on Adam 12 and Emergency I pointed out that as a producer Jack Webb liked to make shows focusing on pairs of male guardians of the public good. He did detectives, uniformed cops, paramedics... he even tried a pilot episode for a spin off show from Emergency about animal control officers!

   Most all of his shows did quite well but with the show Sierra I think the formula had just finally run out of steam. He was running out of heroic government employees! What was left? National Park Rangers my friend, that's who was left. Sierra told the story of rangers trying to watch over the fictional Sierra National Park. They watched after campers and hikers who might get themselves into trouble and need rescuing while also trying to preserve the parks natural wonders. Preserving those wonders for future generations is of course the point of having National Parks.

   Now don't get me wrong. I love the National Parks, I know people who work for the Park Service and Lord knows there are idiot campers out there who need saved. I just think the idea of the show was a hard sell. Cops and paramedics you instantly think "danger!" and "action!" With Park Rangers though you think camping and roasting some weenies. It just doesn't fly.

   Not that they didn't give it a good try. Jack Webb's shows had a habit of using crossovers to help get people watching one show interested in another. Adam 12 did crossovers with both Dragnet and Emergency. And before it was over Emergency snuck in a crossover with Sierra... supposedly. I'm not gonna lie to you. I never saw Sierra and even if I had I would've been four years old and would not remember it a great deal. But as I was scouting out the internet for info for this site I came across a reference to Emergency crossing over with Sierra. I can't confirm this crossover given the fact that I doubt the failed Sierra ever saw the light of day passed its first airing but I believe given the propensity of Jack Webb's Mark VII shows to cross over that it is probably legit.

   The crossover supposedly was on Sierra and had Emergency paramedics Roy DeSoto and John Gage out doing mountain climbing training in the Sierra Park. Like I said though, they could climb all they wanted, the audience refused to follow.

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