The Drew Carey Show and Home Improvement

The Drew Carey Show (1995-2004)
Home Improvement (1991-1999)
Type: Crossover
Group: 2

   One of the main points of this area of my web site is determining which shows share a common reality and which ones don't. In this case, the question would be do The Drew Carey Show and Home Improvement share the same reality? In the world of Drew Carey is Tim Allen his Home Improvement character Tim Taylor or is he Tim Allen actor and comedian? As it turns out, in the world of Drew Carey, Tim Allen and his Home Improvement character Tim Taylor both co-exist!

   First, a bit on both of the shows. The Drew Carey Show is set in Cleveland and is a comedy about the misadventures of everyman Drew Carey, played by comedian Drew Carey, and his friends. Home Improvement is a comedy set in Detroit and tells the story of Tim Taylor and his family. Tim Taylor is the host of the home repair program Tool Time. He is also a pitchman for Binford Tools.

   Now, back to the topic at hand. In one episode of The Drew Carey Show, Drew finds Tim Allen playing himself caught up outside in a tree after a parachuting mishap. Drew says "Hey look! Its Tim Allen!" Tim Allen is clearly Tim Allen.

   "Well," you say, "That's that. If Tim Allen, star of the sitcom Home Improvement, appeared as himself on the show then Home Improvement is clearly does not share any reality with The Drew Carey Show. Rather Drew could go in and watch an episode of Home Improvement on TV." Not so fast.

   In a later episode, Drew's handyman girlfriend is hired to fix the roof of Drew's friend Oswald's mom's shop. She screws up the job and the roof is a mess. Drew doesn't want anyone angry with his girlfriend and suing her and he doesn't have the heart to tell her that she messed up her first big contracting job. His solution? He and his friends decide to fix the roof themselves. That way Oswald's mom gets her roof fixed and Drew doesn't have to crush his girlfriend by telling her she screwed up. Drew and his friends are hardly experts on roof repair though so they rely on a do-it-yourself video to help them. They have a portable TV/VCR on the roof with them playing a tape on roof repair that is hosted by fixit man Tim Taylor!

   So Tim Allen exists as himself and as his TV character Tim Taylor in the same reality! Not that they actually appeared together in any sort of weird Patty Duke Show scene. But in point of fact this sort of thing has happened before and WITH a Patty Duke Show scene. On Mork And Mindy, Robin Williams made an appearance as himself on the show where his character Mork actually met Robin Williams! They simply ignored the Mork And Mindy aspect of Robin Williams' fame and said he was famous for being a comedian. So maybe the same sort of logic is at work in this case. Or maybe I just need to stop applying logic to silly illogical situations.

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