The Drew Carey Show and The Geena Davis Show

The Drew Carey Show (1995-2004)
The Geena Davis Show (2000-2001)
Type: Crossover

   When the "The Big Name Celebrity Show" shows collide! I believe this is the first time I know of that two shows both using the generic "The Such and Such Celebrity Show" title format have crossed over.

   Drew Carey's show took Drew Carey's stand up attitude and presented Drew as the guy he might have ended up as if he had never become an entertainer and left Cleveland. This Drew was a bit of a lovable loser who worked for a Cleveland department store who life was always kicking in the rear.

   The Geena Davis Show wasn't quite so close to the title celebrity's life. Geena Davis didn't play Geena Davis. She played Teddie Cochran, a businesswoman who suddenly found herself in a more motherly role when she got into a serious relationship with father of two Max Ryan. Still, no law saying a star has to play themselves in any way shape or form on their show. The Bob Newhart Show had Bob Newhart playing Bob Hartley. Dick Van Dyke played Robert Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

   This is where you go, "Say, stick to the point dude," and I say, "Oh, sorry."

   So with Drew Carey not only starring on ABC's successful The Drew Carey Show but also hosting its improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway, it's not that surprising that the network would also bring him in to try and get some attention The Geena Davis Show. The episode in question of The Geena Davis Show largely focused on Max's teenage son Carter dating a girl who was a bit more... ahem... physically mature than he was. Hell, she was more physically mature than me and most folks I know. But the B-plot had Teddie's co-worker Hillary getting cyber-sexual with someone she met online. In fact the whole office seemed to get in on the risque chatting. Hillary's friends end up pointing out to her she has no real idea who she's talking to. She assures them this is not a concern, that the man she's chatting with is adventurous and clearly very wealthy. You see this one coming right? Cut to the other end of the chat and we see she is chatting with Drew. Not real life zillionaire Drew but TV character, living in his folks old house, lower middle class Drew Carey. It actually worked very nicely as a funny surprise cameo. Hard for it to work here in print with me by necessity spoiling that surprise.

   Now to be fair, they never actually say Drew is playing his character from The Drew Carey Show but he is clearly sitting in his house from that show. And it plays off of who his character on that show is. No brainer.

   This is also a nice follow up to an earlier Drew Carey episode where Drew was the one not realizing who he was romancing online. In Drew's case he discovered his cyber-girlfriend was in fact Mimi - an overweight, over made-up coworker who in real life despised him as much as he despised her. Of course he discovered this only after they had... cyber-consumated their relationship, a consummation so disturbing even the man in the moon was shown looking down and wincing. The man in the moon wasn't half as nauseated as Drew at the discovery. The shot of a distressed Drew fully clothed laying under his bathtub shower desperately trying to wash it all away was priceless. Hillary didn't have it half as bad and I would hope wouldn't be nearly as traumatized.

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