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FGirst off, I welcome all email. I get so many leads from emails that it's not even funny. Also I like hearing from folks. Nice to have proof someone is checking out the site. The only thing is there are a number of crossover-ish episodes that are not included on the site for one reason or another that I keep getting asked about. To save from having to answer the same, "Where is X crossover?" question over and over I'm listing some of the explanations right here.

1.) Murphy Brown and Seinfeld

The point to my site is largely to show how shows are connected as part of a common world via crossovers. In the case of Murphy Brown and Seinfeld they showed the exact opposite. In the Seinfeld episode in question, Kramer goes to Hollywood and gets a bit part playing Murphy Brown's secretary on the sitcom Murphy Brown. He PLAYED her secretary. In the world of Seinfeld Murphy Brwon is a sitcom character and not a real person.

2.) I Love Lucy and The Adventures Of Superman

This one surprised me. There is a famous episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy tries to get TV's Superman to come to Little Ricky's birthday party. I had always just took it for granted that Lucy was trying to get actor George Reeves who plays Superman to come over. But in point of fact in the episode they actually only refer to him as Superman. My guess would be this was done on purpose so as to perserve the fantasy for all th little kids watching. The adults would assume it was George Reeves playing himself and all the kids watching would assume it really was Superman visitng Lucy. Even though they did leave it vague, I side with it being George Reeves. The idea of a flying alien superhero existing in the Lucy universe just is more than I believe.

3.) The Flintstones and The Jetsons

This is a legit crossover and really should be up on the list. I try to avoid cartoon show situations where the crossovers get out of control. My main rules are to try and make sure there is some tie to Prime Time or that the shows are so utterly unique in their reality that they merit a break. This crossover does meet the first rule. So why isn't it on the list? Basically I'm in denial. The main crossover for these shows happened in the form ofthe movie The Flintstones Meet The Jetsons. I saw it once and it did great damage to my brain. It hurt me bad. I have blocked the momeories from my mind. Now, the minute I add it to the list, that means I have to write it up. That means I will have to watch the movie again for research. I...please... no... I will add it to the list when I am psychologically capable of coping with the movie.

4.) Power Rangers or any other Saturday Morning/Daytime Kids Show

Please please please no no no. If you are a fan of The Power Rangers, you really don't want to read what I'd write about them anyway. Like I just pointed out above in #3, everything I list for the most part has to have a tie to Prime Time or be a Prime Time-esque show. I include "Prime Time-esque" because cable networks often will create Prime Time looking shows that might not actually air in Prime Time. Some stuff like Batman: The Animated Series and the shows connected to it sneak in because there is at least some brief connection to Prime Time (Batman: The Animated Series for example had a short Prime Time run). The point is, for now at least, I am steering clear of daytime shows such as kid's programming. Just a whole barrel of rabid monkeys I'd rather leave alone. I don't want to write about The Power Rangers. I really don't. Because if I did I would likely resort to language not fit for the kids who would watch Power Rangers. Then they'd Google up my page, read it, cry, then be traumatized and damaged so badly they would turn to a life of crime. So, no, I say! To protect the youths of the world, I will not discuss The Power Rangers! Shazam and Mighty Isis? I am less troubled by but again, no, I say, no! Space Academy and Jason Of Star Command? No way Jose!

5.) You just said if there is a link to Prime Time then you count it. Well, smarty, you include Animaniacs and Pinky And The Brain because Pinky And The Brain was on in Prime Time but leave out Tiny Toon Adventures. What about that? Huh? Huh? What about that smarty???

Ahem... SMACK!!! SMACKITY SMACKITY SMACK!!! My site, my rules. With a show like Batman: The Animated Series I include it because of the link to Prime Time and then go all out with listing all the shows tied into it because the producers of those shows have worked so hard to create a really unique and well defined reality for all their shows. Animaniacs and Pinky And The Brain gets into a different area. I did list them because Pinky And The Brain spun off of Animaniacs and did air in Prime Time. But this gets into the whole slippery slope of cartoon reality. Check it out. Lets say I include Tiny Toons. Well, Tiny Toons is technically a spin off of the old Warner Brothers Looney Tunes cartoons. Well then I'd have to include those. That page alone would be impossible to write. And then if I go there, well, that leads to Roger Rabbit. I usually avoid movies but in this case I think I'd have to go there. If I didn't I would get emails asking why I didn't include it. That leads to all the old Disney cartoons which leads to all the new Disney cartoons which leads to me weeping. So in that case I cut it off at just the one spin off listing.

6.) What about Daytime Soap Operas?

Did you not just see me smack that last guy who got all nutty with the cartoons? Prime Time!!! If a Soap links into Prime Time I'll go there. If it doesn't, no way. Luke and Laura, I'd like to introduce you to Shazam and The Power Rangers. You can all hang out together outside but I'm afraid I can't let you in. Daytime Soaps are another area I'd rather steer as clear of as possible. We're talking about shows with decades of continuity, a bajillion characters... yikes. And then you get into what does and doesn't count. One soap spins off another one? Pretty cut and dried. But then you get into things like all the soaps on a network sharing a graveyard set. If you can see the grave of someone from Guiding Light in the background on As The World Turns, is that a full on connection or just an accident due to tight budgets? Then there's the case where one soap had a huge wedding and thought it would be fun to have many of the wedding guests played by stars from other soaps. Now they never said they were playing the same characters but they also didn't say they weren't. What do you do with that? If I leave it out I will get emails like crazy. If I include it then I have to write up a huge web page detailing every show and character involved and I actually go crazy. I'd rather just avoid the whole thing. Somebody else can do a web page on daytime soaps. I'm out!

7.) The Simpsons and...

The Simpsons runs wild with reference jokes and almost crossovers. I try to limit my Simpsons entries to only the episodes that were hugely hyped as actual crossovers. The biggest one I tend to hear about is the episode where they parodied The Prisoner. The key word there is parodied. The episode did not have The Simpsons visting the actual world of The Prisoner but rather a joke version of it. The Prisoner was held in The Village. The Simpsons vist a place called The Island. The fact that they went out of their way to not use the correct name says that this is a parody and not a real crossover. Don't get me wrong, I wish it was a real crossover. Its a great episode.

8.) Sanford And Son and The West Wing

Are you people high? Where do you get these ideas?

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