The Colbys and Dynasty

The Colbys (1985-1987)
Dynasty (1981-1989)
Type: Spin Off

   Well, if Dallas could produce a successful spin off like Knots Landing, why couldn't the 80's other big primetime soap Dynasty start a spin off dynasty of its own? Because it couldn't, that's why. But they did try.

   Dynasty centered on the intrigues and machinations surrounding Blake Carrington, his family and his financial empire. The Carrington's biggest rival was the Colby family, another bunch of rich back stabbers and wife swappers.

   In 1985 I guess Dynasty just was no longer big enough to hold both families because that season brought America a brand new soap - The Colbys. The starting point was slightly similar to the start of Knots Landing: Gary Ewing had left Dallas for a new life in Los Angeles. The Colbys started with Jeff Colby leaving Denver (where Dynasty was set) for a new life in Los Angeles where his family's business was actually centered. Actually he headed to L.A. in search of his missing amnesiac wife Fallon Carrington Colby (its a SOAP - people get amnesia like real people get colds).

   But despite the success of its parent show and star power of the magnitude of Charlton Heston, Barabara Stanwyck and Ricardo Montalban, the show just never became the hit Dynasty was. After two seasons, The Colbys packed it in with a few survivors returning to or resurfacing later on Dynasty. Kinda weird because the last time poor former amnesia victim Fallon was seen on The Colbys she was getting abducted by aliens (this chick cannot catch a break). But next season she was just back in Denver, back on Dynasty like nothing happened. Come on people! Give her a alien implanted chip in her head and some F.B.I. agents investigating and run with it! Oh no. I guess her amnesia was all acting up again and, poof, a perfectly good freaky stupid plot goes to waste. Truth be told, NRA member Heston probably blasted the little suckers into gooey bits! Way to go Moses!

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