Charlie's Angels and Vega$

Charlie's Angels (1976-1981)
Vega$ (1978-1981)
Type: Crossover
Group: 6

   Charlie's Angels had an annoying habit of confusing issues with their crossovers. Okay, they do a crossover with The Love Boat. Cool! Fans of both shows get to the enjoy the potential of Doc hitting on the entire Angels' cast (When they get to the point of imagining him hitting on Bosley their brains force a coma to protect them from long lasting trauma).

   But they couldn't stop there. Nooo. Like I said, they have to CONFUSE things. In addition to the crossover episode they also do another episode on a cruise ship that was not the love boat. So, folks enjoy the crossover with The Love Boat and it becomes etched in their memories. Years pass. The same people tune in to reruns of Charlie's Angels. They see it's the Angels on a cruise ship. "Cool!" the suckers think, "It's the cruise ship one where they meet the crew of The Love Boat." Only they watch it and it turns out to be that other episode. They're confused. "I could've sworn they went on The Love Boat. But that's not Gopher, that's not Doc and that's not what I remember!" Suddenly the poor sap starts to doubt his memory, his grip on reality and the existence of God. They fall into a fetal position sucking their thumb and rocking slowly back and forth.

   At least that's what happened to me. Most people probably coped a little better.

   So by this point in reading this you're utterly annoyed and perplexed. "What the hell has all this crap about a Love Boat crossover and the psychological trauma it inflicted have to do with a Vega$ crossover? Get on with it you blathering monkey!"

   Well that sort of talk is only going to put me right back in that fetal ball.

   Okay, Charlie's Angels, the story of three former law enforcement hotties, did a crossover with the show Vega$, the story of Las Vegas detective and male hottie Dan Tanna. The Angels go on assignment to solve a case in the Nevada sin capital and end up crossing paths with Robert Urich's character Dan Tanna and his friends.

   Why? The same reasons most crossovers happen. Both were hit shows that had the same producer (Aaron Spelling), the same network (ABC) and the same general premise (Cool and attractive private eyes). It had the stink of a successful ratings stunt all over it.

   But just like with The Love Boat (Another Spelling show) they had to go and make it so years later people would think they were losing their minds. See, before the Angels Vegas adventure with Tanna (You know that sounds so odd. You can't just use his last name. It HAS to be Dan Tanna) they had a different adventure also set in the city of slot machines that was NOT a crossover. End result: idiots like me catching the non-crossover episode in syndication and screaming at their sets, "I AM NOT CRAZY!!! THEY MET DAN TANNA WHEN THEY WERE IN VEGAS I TELL YOU!!! THEY DID!!! DAHHHHHH!!!"

   Aaron Spelling, you are an evil bastard! (Dear Spelling family, please take that last statement for the humorous aside it was intended as and don't sue my friendly, harmless as... Oh hell. I just got served papers. They're suing. Damn!)

   An odd 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon piece of trivia. Due to this crossover, Robert Urich exists as two different characters in the same reality. He's Dan Tanna on Vega$ who meets Charlie's Angels. The Angels meet The Love Boat crew. Then The Love Boat spawns a spin off/follow up show called Love Boat: The Next Wave. The Captain of the ship on that show? Jim Kennedy... who was played by Robert Urich. Although my suspicion is that actually Jim Kennedy and Dan Tanna are in fact the same guy. I mean, Dan Tanna? What sort of name is that? Fake name if you ask me. Hard to be a cool P.I. with the name Jim Kennedy. So he calls himself Dan Tanna. Years pass, he's not so young and cool anymore. The chick action in Vegas dries up. The free Vegas buffets take their toll on his waste line. Next thing you know driving a boat and getting to ogle girls in bathing suits on a daily basis sounds like a pretty good gig, yadda yadda yadda, he's driving the Love Boat.

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