Charlie's Angels and The Love Boat

Charlie's Angels (1976-1981)
The Love Boat (1977-1986)
Type: Crossover
Group: 6

   Oh man. This is a crossover that I knew happened and then I started to doubt that it actually had. Yes, Charlie's lovely trio of angelic detectives did take a cruise with Captain Stubing and company on the Love Boat.

   Charlie's Angels was a show about three former female law officers. The opening showed the crap assignments they had been stuck with. That is until they quit and went to work for the ever unseen Charlie as his trio of P.I.s who he called his angels. Over the course of the series angels came and went. The start of the fourth season began with the introduction of Angel Tiffany Welles played by Shelley Hack and her first assignment was a two hour episode set on the Pacific Princess otherwise known as the Love Boat.

   The Love Boat was a show set on a cruise ship. Every week saw a new group of guests with new comic stories of love. Supporting these stories every week was the ship's regular crew: Captain Stubing, Isaac the bartender, Doctor Adam "Doc" Bricker, Purser Burl "Gopher" Smith and Cruise Director Julie McCoy. Later on other crew members would join the show and others would leave but this was the crew when the Angels booked passage.

   Now I do remember having seen this episode. I mean, come on, how could I avoid watching such a highly touted crossover event between two huge Aaron Spelling produced shows ("Aaron Spelling produced" equaling "huge mega hit")? But as years passed, memory dimmed. Then while it was in syndicated repeats, I saw a Charlie's Angels episode where the Angels went on a cruise ship only to find to my surprise that they weren't actually on the Love Boat. What the??? I was suddenly sure I must have imagined the entire thing or misremembered. Not so. It turns out the Angels had had an earlier cruise ship adventure. That is what I saw in syndication. It probably even helped give someone the idea for the later Love Boat crossover. But having two cruise episodes, one a crossover the other not, I'm sure has caused more than a couple people to think they were losing there mind. "It's the one where they go on a cruise! Wait a minute... this ain't what I remember. What the hell is going on here?!? Has the world gone mad?!? Is there no God?!? I have lost my my mind and my faith in a consistent reality!!!!"

   Okay, maybe that's exaggerating a tad. Actually nix that "maybe" and change "a tad" to "a crap load".

   All I know about the episode is that the Angels were on board looking for a thief. I know, not much of a description for a two hour plot. Give me a break though. It was over twenty years ago and I doubted the thing ever even happened for awhile. Given that, it's a pretty damn fine description. Still, if I ever get the chance to see the full episode again, Count on me updating this page.

   Oh, and Love Boat premiere appearance or not, nobody bought Shelly Hack and she went to Charlie's Angels' heaven at the end of the season.

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