Caroline In The City and Frasier

Caroline In The City (1995-1999)
Frasier (1993-2004)
Type: Crossover
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    Okay, Caroline In The City might have been just another Friends/Seinfeld clone about buddies who hang at the lead characters huge apartment and at the local "hang out" but... nope no buts actually. I guess that was all it ever was. I'll say this much: it wasn't the funniest Friends clone but it did display more heart than the rest. It was trying and wanted to be a great show.

    And it also did manage to hook into the grand history of crossovers with a brush with a few shows including Frasier.

    Here's the poop. Caroline is a comic artist with a daily newspaper strip called Caroline In The City (duh). So at the beginning of the episode in question, Caroline badly injures herself and takes powerful medicine to ease the pain. This knocks her loopy. And, horror of horrors, she hasn't finished the next strip and the deadline is coming up later in the day. If she misses the deadline, the syndicator will send the papers an extra copy of Cathy to fill the space. Caroline would rather die than have that happen. But her assistant and her boyfriend, try as they might, can not get her sober enough to draw the strip. So they take it upon themselves to draw the strip.

    The joke is that the strip is a Cathy-esque woman's comic and, see, they're guys so they can't do it right. Funny huh? Anyway, they write a comic where the comic strip Caroline is all crazy about shoes 'cause women loves shoes. Once the strip is sent out and its too late, Caroline finds out what happened and thanks her friends even though she really thinks the strip is pretty bad.

    Cut to Frasier Crane's apartment in Seattle (from the show Frasier obviously). Frasier regular Daphne comes into the living room complaining to Frasier's brother Niles that she normally loves Caroline In The City but she just doesn't get today's strip. Niles reads the comic about Caroline's obsession with shoes and starts laughing like crazy. See, the guys think its funny and the girls don't and are actually puzzled by it. My question is this: I was puzzled by this episode and was wondering exactly what segment of the population found it funny.

    Maybe I'm being a little harsh but the crossover is all that made the episode stand out. It's also an odd crossover in that even though it establishes both shows as coexisting in the same world, it never has the characters from the two shows actually meet.

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