Bewitched and Passions

Bewitched (1964-1972)
Passions (1999-2007)
Type: Crossover
Group: 10

   Okay, I am not a huge watcher of daytime soaps and I must admit I have never watched the NBC soap opera Passions. But as it turns out, around 1999-2000 witches became a staple of the show's character roster. With that in mind, they made arrangements with the folks holding the Bewitched copyrights to bring on the character of Doctor Bombay, a recurring character on Bewitched who was a doctor for witches and warlocks.

   They apparently also wanted to have the Bewitched character Esmerelda played by Alice Ghostley make a crossover appearance but the Bewitched folks said no. So Alice Ghostley still appeared on the show as a witch... just not as Esmerelda. I fail to see the logic. What, is the character of Esmerelda a more hugely valuable property than that of Doctor Bombay? What the hell? Like anyone other than Passions is likely to ever want to use these characters again? Was it what the Passions folks wanted to do with the character? Esmerelda is such an innocent bumbler I find it hard to believe Passions could have her do anything shocking or harmful to the character's value. It just wouldn't play right, people wouldn't buy it and I doubt the producer's would be dumb enough to try something like that. So what's the deal? Where's the harm?

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